Saturday, September 19, 2009


Todays Pokemon of the day is Blaziken

Blaziken is probably the best wall breaker in the UU tier because it can work well a a mixed sweeper, the only let down of Blaziken is its speed, at a low 80 base power.

Scarfed Mixed Sweeper
Blaziken@Choice Scarf
Naive/Hasty Nature
Evs:188 Speed, 160 Attack, 160 Sp. Attack
Fire Blast
Focus Blast/Brick Break
Brave Bird/Hidden Power Flying
Thunder Punch
Fire Blast~ STAB Sp. attacking move, can be replaced by Flamethrower if you want more accuracy
Focus Blast~STAB, you can also use Brick Break if you want more accuracy, and to break light screens and reflects
Brave Bird~Physical flying move, Replace with Hp Flying if you go for brick break over Focus Blast
Thunder Punch~For Flying Types
Evs:188 evs in speed + a choice scarf gets you to 329 speed, putting you one point ahead of base 100 speed pokemon.
These Evs leave you with 320, enough so that you can have equal evs in attack and special attack.
Physical Sweeper
Blaziken@Muscle Band
Jolly Nature
Evs:252 Spe, 252 Attack, 4 Hp
Brick Break
Thunder Punch
Flare Blitz
Brave Bird
a max speed of 259 isn't much, it's less than Plusle, Minun, Pikachu and a whole lot of NFE's so don't expect to strike first to much on this set.
Brick Break~STAB fighting move, you can replace this with superpower if you don't mind the stat drop
Thunder Punch~ For Flying types and water types
Flare Blitz~STAB Fire. you can replace this with fire punch if you don't want to lose Hp and don't mind the small base power of 75
Brave Bird~Flying Move.
Counters~ Most Psychic, Water and Flying types can do the Job fairly easily with the exception of farfetch'd and Luvdisc, Pelipper is an extremely good counter.
I will post a special set up soon, bare with me.

Friday, September 18, 2009


Today's pokemon of the day is hypno!

Hypno is a top-notch special wall, only outclassed by the likes of blissey and other OU special walls, Hypno is in the NU tier

Abilities: Insomnia-Prevents sleep, this is probably the ability you should go for as Forewarn isn't very useful
Forewarn-Tells which of the opponent's moves has the highest base power, this ability isn't all that useful as you will probably already know the pokemons best attack.

Special Wall Hypno
Calm/Careful Nature
Evs:252 Hp, 252 Sp.Defense, 4 Defense
Hypnosis/Thunder Wave
Seismic Toss
This is a pretty standard set and it works out extremely well, it can block almost any special attacks that aren't super-effective.
Hypnosis~ Hypnosis is just for putting the other pokemon to sleep, another option is thunder wave so that it can cripple sweepers.
Reflect~ this move can help hypno survive physical attacks as well as special attacks.
Wish~Recovery move, enough said.
Seismic toss~ just so you can cause damge on the pokemon you've already crippled
Special tank
Calm/modest nature
Evs:252 Hp, 132 Sp. Attack, 124 Sp. Defense
Light Screen
HP Fighting
Nasty Plot/Thunder Wave
Light Screen~less special defense evs means you need light screen to make it a special wall that can attack
Psychic~STAB attacking move
HP Fighting~ for dark types
Nasty Plot~Higher Special attack for better attacking, Thunder wave is still an option, you can cripple sweepers
Hypno@Lagging Tail
Careful Nature
Evs: 252 Hp, 252 Attack
Fire Punch
Psycho cut
Fire Punch~ Steel types
Psycho cut~STAB Attacking move

Counters~ Mainly any steel or physical dark type can counter any of these sets.

New Pokemon up tommorrow